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Dr. Bredesen has formulated a scientific protocol to deal with the difficult issue of cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease. One of the challenges is that there are many causes of Alzheimer's and each case requires an individualized treatment. After decades of laboratory research, Dr. Bredesen has formulated a multi-factorial approach to deal with 36 aspects of health that affect cognition. It can turn the tide in a disease that was once thought to be universally fatal and debilitating. This comprehensive protocol incorporates dietary, environmental, and lifestyle interventions.  


Dr. Bredesen outlines subtypes of Alzheimer's disease which include:


  1. Inflammatory

  2. Glucose intolerant 

  3. Atrophic - lacking basic building blocks like vitamins and     hormones  

  4. Toxic - in the form of mold exposure or heavy metals 

  5. Traumatic - from concussions and traumatic brain injuries

  6. Vascular - from strokes 

According to Dr. Bredesen 60% of Alzheimer's patients have a toxic Type III component and 20% are primary Type III cases. The majority of Type III cases are caused by mold inhalation. Dr. Vukelic is particularly equipped to handle Type III cases because of her Shoemaker Protocol certification.

To a great extent the Bredesen Protocol is also based on dietary interventions. Dr. Vukelic's certification in the Wahl's Protocol complements this vital recovery element.

The sooner one starts on RECODE, the better the results. 

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