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Bredesen Protocol (ReCODE 2.0)



Dr. Vukelic has had success and experience treating all Bredesen subtypes of Alzheimer's disease. You do not need to be sick from mold to be treated by Dr. Vukelic using the Bredesen Protocol.

Dr. Bredesen's interview with Tom Bilyeu

Dr. Bredesen's interview with Mark Hyman

Dr. Bredesen has formulated a scientific protocol to deal with the difficult issue of cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease. One of the challenges is that there are many causes of Alzheimer's, and each case requires an individualized treatment. After decades of laboratory research, Dr. Bredesen has formulated a multi-factorial approach to deal with 36 aspects of health that affect cognition. It can turn the tide in a disease that was once thought to be universally fatal and debilitating. This comprehensive protocol incorporates dietary, environmental, and lifestyle interventions.  


Dr. Bredesen outlines subtypes of Alzheimer's disease, which include:



1. Inflammatory


1.5  Glucose intolerant 


2. Atrophic - lacking basic building blocks like vitamins and hormones  


3. Toxic - in the form of mold exposure or heavy metals 


4. Vascular - from strokes and transient ischemic attacks


5. Traumatic - from concussions and traumatic brain injuries


According to Dr. Bredesen, 60% of Alzheimer's patients have a toxic Type III component, and 20% are primary Type III cases. The majority of Type III cases are caused by mold inhalation. 


       "If diagnosed with Type 3 Toxic AD (Alzheimer's Disease), it's crucial to engage with a knowledgeable doctor that knows what tests to run and how to correctly interpret them so you can be properly treated and can also guide you thru the journey to rid your body of the mold, heavy metals and other environmental toxins causing inflammation to your brain, gut, lungs, and heart. Dr. Vukelic excels at the diagnosis stage.  She also instructs her patients regarding what you need to do in terms of diet (eliminate sugar, gluten, dairy, and alcohol) in order to aid the body’s ability to reduce inflammation and help reverse AD.  It’s hard to hear you have to upend your life and leave your home to get away from the toxins making you ill in order to get well, but Dr. Vukelic, a Dr. Shoemaker certified practitioner, listens to her patients and guides them with compassion on what can be a difficult, emotional journey. Her expert guidance has helped me get from a CNS Vital Signs score of 63 to my current 88.  In addition to my brain feeling clearer and gradually getting back to how it used to function, my leaky gut is slowly healing as well and I have more energy."

        "In 2019, I started treatment for Giant Cell Temporal Arteritis to save my eyesight, and my rheumatologist prescribed heavy doses of prednisone, Actemra, and other drugs. Three months later, my speech slowed noticeably. None of the MDs I saw could understand why. In early 2021, the third neurologist I saw on a telemedical zoom call diagnosed me with Apraxia of Speech and Primary Progressive Aphasia (like Bruce Willis, a kick to my gut). She offered no hope, no treatment, no cure. Luckily, I found hope through Dr. Bredesen's Protocol and Dr. April Vukelic, who has training in his Protocol. Dr. V developed a comprehensive plan, and I've made considerable progress. Because of her treatment, her passion, her book knowledge, and her life knowledge (and my "relentless" pursuit in following her plan and the Protocol), my blood tests show significant improvement. This journey produced wonderful results, not the least of which is my 15 lb weight loss, my TGFB-1 going from 8091 to 1996, my MSH from <8 to 14, my blood mercury down from the 80th to 50th percentile, and my cholesterol going from 275 to 202. My Homocysteine level, free T3, and TG: HDL ratio are all excellent.


I feel better, stronger, and encouraged. Dr. V's firm belief that she can help my speech, her skill with detox and supplemental regimes, testing, retesting, and tweaking the plan have made a considerable difference in my life. Dr. V has a friendly personality (I feel like I am talking to a friend). 


I recently met with my neurologist, and she said there was no appreciable deterioration in the last 18 months, and I may NOT lose my ability to speak, reason, read, write, etc. WOW!! In fact, my CNS vital signs went from 68 to 84. 


My neurologist asked what I attributed the improvement to, and I answered, "finishing my GCA treatment and drugs (my inflammation markers are currently within normal ranges), persistently following Dr. Bredesen's ReCODE Protocol (with rare exception), working with my Osteopathic Doctor, and following her recommended supplements and detox regimes, hope and a positive attitude." My neurologist said: "Continue doing what you are doing and utilizing your speech muscles more by talking more." We are celebrating in our household!"

How to book an appointment:

If you are interested in The Bredesen Protocol, you must sign up directly through Apollo Health. The Bredesen Protocol has structured pricing for packages and is the only way to work with Dr. Vukelic for cognitive decline and Alzheimer's Disease. The software for the Bredesen Protocol is proprietary, and Dr. Vukelic can only use it directly through Apollo Health. Once you join Apollo, you can review Dr. Vukelic's pricing for ReCODE packages and select her as a physician on Apollo Health's website.

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