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"Dr. April Vukelic is absolutely amazing and skillful. She not only understands functional medicine and mold recovery deeply, she is a highly skilled osteopath. She very thoroughly treats the entire body for somatic dysfunction at the highest quality. She takes her time and won't stop the treatment until the dysfunction is truly improved. Her treatments can improve pain, posture, facial symmetry, movement patterns, and more. She is a truly skilled osteopath. Dr. Vukelic not only has an impressive CV, experience and career trajectory, she highly values continuing education and she is constantly learning and sharpening her skills. She is of utmost quality and you will not regret seeing her for any manual therapy or lifestyle medicine. 

Above are before and after photos of my cranial sutural treatment that Dr. Vukelic did in 15-20 minutes. Not only did I feel better, my facial symmetry was better and my teeth were more midline." 


-Medical student, 26

"If diagnosed with Type 3 Toxic AD (Alzheimer's Disease), its crucial to engage with a knowledgeable doctor that knows what tests to run and how to correctly interpret them so you can be properly treated and can also guide you thru the journey to rid your body of the mold, heavy metals and other environmental toxins causing inflammation to your brain, gut, lungs, and heart. Dr. Vukelic excels at the diagnosis stage.  She also instructs her patients regarding what you need to do in terms of diet (eliminate sugar, gluten, dairy, and alcohol) in order to aid the body’s ability to reduce inflammation and help reverse AD.  It’s hard to hear you have to upend your life and leave your home to get away from the toxins making you ill in order to get well, but Dr. Vukelic, a Dr. Shoemaker certified practitioner, listens to her patients and guides them with compassion on what can be a difficult, emotional journey. Her expert guidance has helped me get from a CNS Vital Signs score of 63 to my current 88.  In addition to my brain feeling clearer and gradually getting back to how it used to function, my leaky gut is slowly healing as well and I have more energy."



"In 2019, I began treatment for Giant Cell Temporal Arteritis, and to save my eyesight, my Rheumatologist prescribed heavy doses of prednisone, Actemra, and other drugs.  3 months later, my speech slowed noticeably. None of the MDs I saw could understand why, but in early 2021, the 3rd neurologist I saw on a telemedical zoom call, diagnosed me with Apraxia of Speech and Primary Progressive Aphasia.  (Like Bruce Willis, a kick to my gut!)  Luckily, I found hope through Dr. Bredesen’s Protocol and Dr. April Vukelic, who is trained in his Protocol. Dr. V developed a comprehensive plan, and in a year, I’ve made considerable progress.  Because of her treatment, her passion, her book- and life knowledge (and my “relentless” pursuit in following her plan and the Protocol), my blood tests show significant improvement, and I feel better, stronger, more encouraged. Her firm belief that she can help my speech, her skill with detox and supplemental regimes, testing, retesting, and tweaking the plan have made a considerable difference in my life. Dr. V’s friendly personality (I feel like I am talking to a friend), the desire to understand the “why” and “how” to get my body to heal itself and for my speech to get better, and our success to date, has given me new-found optimism. Thank you, Dr. V!!"


I have been spending good money after bad for many, many years trying to figure out why I just did not feel well, finally some real science and real answers. Dr. April's is the mold queen and I am her faithful subject!




-yoga instructor, age 53



When I first met Dr. Vukelic it was right after I had to withdraw from school because I was on the verge of failing. My brain wasn’t working to the level I needed it to be to pass my classes and I had no idea why. I had always been a Dean’s List student and then all of a sudden, I was failing. So, what was going on? Between always being tired, having night sweats, cognition issues, constant headaches and mood swings, to name a few, I was miserable. After ordering bloodwork and seeing the results it was determined that I had CIRS. I then started to follow the CIRS treatment protocol, while Dr. Vukelic educated me on this new syndrome that I had no prior knowledge of. After a few months I began to feel much better and more like myself! Now I am in the process of reapplying to school to further my education and future career. I would have never got to this point without the help of Dr. Vukelic. She truly invests her time into her patients and wants the best for each and every one of them! 


-medical student, age 24



I was very pleased with the care I received from Dr. Vukelic. She is one of the most intelligent, caring and competent professionals that I have ever met. She truly listened to me and what my body needed. She treated me like a person, not just another patient and worked hard to relieve my pain. Her individualized approach is safe, gentle but highly effective. It is a wonderful alternative to chiropractic services!


The frequency and intensity of my migraines improved significantly. They were reduced from daily to 1-2 times in a 10 day period. The pain in my arm, elbow and shoulder almost disappeared. And, my back pain no longer prevented me from sleeping.


I tried several medications for my migraines and ended up in the emergency room after having a severe reaction to both a beta blocker and Topamax (prescribed from a neurology office). Other OTC and prescription medications only work slightly to relieve the pain. So, I was left with Botox as my only real option until I tried osteopathy. I declined Botox due to the potentially horrible side-effects like paralysis on one side of your face. Osteopathy was a blessing. I didn't have to worry about having an allergic reaction and I saw improvement quicker than with traditional physical therapy and chiropractic services.


-psychologist, age 52



A friend sent me a picture from her wedding around the same time this one was taken (picture not shown). It was probably about a decade into living with my TMJ. My sloped shoulders are painfully obvious in the photo. The many symptoms I've suffered from as a result had set in as some kind of new normal, that I ignored, what else could I do? No one offered any plausible solution. Last December, I met a doctor who from her first treatment changed everything. All I can compare it to is heeding attention to what works in my nest. The closet solution of repositioning shelves and dowels that turned out to be more tenable these days. She has mad skills in paying attention to what isn't functioning properly, with a simple and gentle touch, with a little nudging, I remarkably feel immediate shifts. Every month a new layer is peeled. Every time mechanics are manipulated to naturally settle into proper position for function and healthy growth. It's definitely the start of something. Comfort in shifts each month. Worth. Every. Penny.


-writer and professional organizer, age 44


My son is an active teen who has been highly involved in football and wrestling for nearly a decade. Recently, he suffered a shoulder injury that left his shoulder completely locked. He was unable to lift his arm above 90 degrees. He has been under the care of a chiropractor for a few years, which has provided some temporary relief, but not long term solutions.

At the initial appointment with Dr. Vukelic I watched in amazement as she pinpointed not only issues leading to his shoulder being locked, but she performed a head to toe "unlocking and unwinding" of many issues within his body. Prior to the appointment, his rib cage appeared uneven to the naked eye, his hips were tight and uneven, and he even had a tooth out of place. Dr. Vukelic gently and amazingly used her God given gifts to put my son back in line. His range of motion and level of comfort from head to toe after this appointment was miraculous in nature. I give Dr. Vukelic my highest recommendation!


-guidance councillor, age 42

Dr. Vukelic knows medicine that works.  She is thorough and extremely well-informed.  Dealing with mold has not been easy, but dealing with Dr. Vukelic has made it much more simple and understandable.  I have my health back.  My palpitations, pain and extreme fatigue are gone.  I thank God for Dr. Vukelic.


Amazing knowledge. Very thorough. Took great care and time. Has answers that I have not found anywhere else. Dr. Vukelic has turned my health completely around. Taking her suggestions has helped me beyond measure. Truly life-changing. 

-doctor, age 46


I have been seeing body-workers my whole life to help me with pain & discomfort & disease in my lower back and hip. NO ONE has ever been as thorough, precise, and effective as Dr Vukelic. She not only listened to me and my perception of my issues - but she listened very closely to what my body was telling her it needed.

I saw her yesterday and already I feel major un-winding of patterns that I have held in my body for over 20 years.

I had a truly remarkable experience with Dr. Vukelic - not only in her professionalism and obvious mastery of her craft - but also in her generosity, warmth, and friendliness.  

I left my session feeling like I had seen a *real doctor* for the first time: someone who was invested in my health & well-being on every level, in every system of my body.

-life coach, age 33



I had been sick for many years with, among other things, major intestinal issues and brain fog and none of the specialists I went to could figure out what was causing my symptoms or help me get better.  After doing some research, realized mold toxicity (I worked in an office with a leaky roof for ten years) could be responsible for my health problems.

Under Dr. Vukelic's guidance and care, I have been removing toxins (mold, mercury and arsenic) from my body and have seen a big improvement in both my gut health and my cognitive function and know that if I continue to follow her instructions, in another few months, I will fully return to my previous level of health.

In addition to being well skilled in diagnosing my issues and prescribing exactly what I had to do and take to get better, Dr. Vukelic also listened to all of my questions and concerns, provided lots of information that explained why some things would or wouldn't work, (YouTube video links, links to medical papers, info re mold remediation specialists, etc.) providing an excellent education to guide me along what had previously been a mysterious path to wellness.  Not only would she provide me with info to explain why the things she was asking me to do would work, and why some of the things I had asked about wouldn't work, but just as important, she is open to looking into some new things if there is data showing it has helped people get better.

If you are looking for a doctor who is exceptional in her field and also patient oriented with a positive, infectious outlook regarding her patient's recovery, look no further.

-retired, age 65

I don't know how to put into words how grateful I am to have found Dr. Vukelic! After many years of struggling  with symptoms that no doctor could give me answers to, Dr. V has given me all the answers I need and set me in a path to recovery!  I now feel that I'm not alone and I'm not crazy! i got very ill in November last year after a leak in my home was discovered and large amounts of black mold. I reached out to Dr. Vukelic who has guided me through all of the CORRECT bloodwork to get to finally get a diagnosis of mold susceptibility and CIRS. She has been extremely responsive to all of mine, as well as my families questions along my journey to recovery. I not only feel better than I have physically in LONG time but emotionally and mentally as well. I had no quality of life before seeing Dr. V. She has given that back to me and I couldn't be more thankful! I am happy to refer Dr. V to anyone that is suffering with symptoms that are unexplainable or anyone who knows they are in need of managing their CIRS And mold susceptibility. 

forever grateful,

-human resources manager, age 35

My Osteopathic treatment with Dr. Vukelic was a huge success. I was having a lot of stress/tension in my head, she pinpointed where I was having tension and the treatment proved to relieve a lot of cranial pain. I immediately felt a huge difference and experienced a clear head, the next day I could feel the tension leaving my head and body which otherwise I could not fully detox through meditation or yoga. Looking in the mirror I was shocked to see the alignment in my face was straightened. My eyes were aligned straight and my cheekbones popped out! I felt more focused and able to absorb new information. I was extremely grateful to have the cranial tension gone, Dr. Vukelic is very talented in her osteopathic work with her focus and ability to take on such intensive work she does not cut corners. The treatment was an amazing life-changing experience and I would recommend anyone to be treated by her.


-artist, age 27: after one treatment

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