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What Can I Do Today?


Am I Affected by Mold?

Take an online visual contrast sensitivity test (VCS) for $15. The VCS test is a quick and easy screening test for chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS). If you fail the VCS in one or both eyes, there is a 99% chance you have CIRS. Eight percent (8%) of people who pass the VCS may still have CIRS. Younger females and those with "a trained eye" (e.g., photographers, pilots, etc.) may pass the test even though they have CIRS.


Order your VCS here:


Watch Dr. Shoemaker talk about VCS:


Is My House Affected by Mold?

Test your home with a HERTSMI-2 mold test. HERTSMI-2 can be ordered from Mycometrics. This test includes a sterile swiffer cloth to sample household dust for five common mold types that affect human health. It is easy to perform, only takes a few minutes and it costs $150. HERTSMI-2 gives good insight into the nature and extent of water damage in a home. This test is a good screen to see if your house or place of work is safe for someone with CIRS.


Order your HERTSMI-2 here:


Watch Dr. Shoemaker talk about HERTSMI-2:

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