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Am I Affected by Mold?

Take an online visual contrast sensitivity test (VCS) for $15. The VCS test is a quick and easy screening test for chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS). If you fail the VCS in one or both eyes there is a 99% chance you have CIRS. Eight percent (8%) of people who pass the VCS may still have CIRS.


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Is My House Affected by Mold?

Test your home with a HERTSMI-2 mold test. HERTSMI-2 can be ordered from EnviroBiomics. This test includes a sterile swiffer cloth to sample household dust for five common mold types that affect human health. It is easy to perform, only takes a few minutes and it costs $130. HERTSMI-2 gives good insight into the nature and extent of water damage in a home. This test will tell you whether your house or place of work is safe for someone with CIRS.


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