"Osteopathy is the practice of healing with ten fingers. That's all. Period. Amen."
                                  James Jealous, D.O.

Osteopathy treats any number of health issues by engaging the natural healing forces of the body. This can be seen in improved range of motion, function and reduced pain and stiffness. It is a hands-on approach to acute and chronic pain and injuries. Dr. Vukelic is certified in cranial osteopathy from the Cranial Academy. Dr. Vukelic is a member of the Cranial Academy and the American Academy of Osteopathy. She has had the honor of training directly with Jim Jealous, D.O. and Ed Stiles, D.O. She blends the disciplines of biodynamic osteopathy with key-lesion sequencing. Dr. Vukelic is a table-trainer for the Indiana Academy of Osteopathy. She is particularly interested in cranial osteopathy as it relates to dental issues. 

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"My eyes were aligned straight and my cheekbones popped out!"


Artist, age 27: one treatment