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Meet the Doctor

April Vukelic, D.O., IMFCP, ReCODE 2.0 Certified Physician, is quadruple board certified by The Institute for Functional Medicine, American Board of Family Medicine, American Board of Preventive Medicine, and The American Board of Addiction Medicine. In 2022, she was named a faculty member as an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor at the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. 


Dr. Vukelic is certified in the Shoemaker Protocol for biotoxin illness and is a founding member of the CIRS Academy. She has a published case study in Dr. Shoemaker's book, The Art And Science of CIRS Medicine. Dr. Vukelic has received editing credits in the 2020 Surviving Mold remediation update and she took Greg Weatherman's Small Particle Remediation class. 


Dr. Vukelic is certified in Dr. Dale Bredesen's reversal of cognitive decline (ReCODE) program and is particularly well-versed in the environmental, dietary, and traumatic factors affecting patients with cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease. Patients may complain of "brain fog," but that term does not adequately convey the significant damage that can occur with mold exposure. About 95% of CIRS patients have neurological issues like word recollection difficulty, memory problems, confusion, disorientation, issues with concentration, and assimilating new knowledge. She uses Dr. Shoemaker's peer-reviewed, evidence-based approach for treating mold exposure from water-damaged buildings for these patients. She is accredited in HeartMath Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety, and Emotional Regulation as well as HeartMath Interventions Certification Program. She has a certification in MoCA test administration.


Dr. Vukelic is also an osteopathic physician trained in key lesion sequencing, biodynamic and cranial osteopathy. She had the honor of training directly with Dr. James Jealous and Dr. Ed Stiles. She trained in cranial osteopathy with a sutural approach with Dr. Ed Stiles and the curved tensegrity model of Dr. Beryl Arbuckle. Dr. Vukelic is a member of the Cranial Academy, The American Academy of Osteopathy, and teaches with The Indiana Academy of Osteopathy. 


CIRS patients are frequently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain. They may experience aches, cramps, joint pain, and stiffness. CIRS patients have reduced capillary hypoperfusion, which means they are not getting enough oxygen to their tissues. The Shoemaker Protocol helps restore proper oxygen flow. Adding osteopathy can provide symptomatic relief and benefit those with chronic pain from biotoxin exposure. Osteopathy can also help people with a history of traumatic brain injury, concussion, headaches, chronic pain, dental issues, and various musculoskeletal problems like back pain.


Additionally, Dr. Vukelic is certified in the Wahls Protocol, which can be particularly helpful to individuals with autoimmune illnesses. CIRS patients frequently complain of "brain fog," chronic pain, and autoimmune problems like hypothyroidism. She seeks to address the unique issues of CIRS patients in a comprehensive approach that blends her knowledge of functional medicine, environmental medicine, preventive medicine, osteopathy, and diet to address the root cause for the whole person.


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